Athol Island

In the 1800’s a wealthy man by the name of Charles F. Smith had brought his family to Nassau on a pleasure cruise. Annie, his daughter had fallen sick to a deadly disease that made it impossible for them to disembark in Nassau. Therefore they were banished to Athol Island, located 0.75 miles east of paradise island where Annie later died.

Today this 2 mile long island is part of the National Marine Park and the waters surrounding the island provide great grounds for snorkeling that you are bound to enjoy.

Sandy Cay

Located just 3 miles northeast of Paradise Island and seven miles from downtown Nassau, Sandy Cay is packed with pristine white-sand and palm trees that sway in balmy tropical breezes. Here on Sandy Cay you’ll feel like you’re on your own private island. 

Rose Island

Rose Island lies 3 miles east of Paradise Island. This 7 mile long island was home to a pineapple plantation centuries ago. These days, the island provides some of the best beaches near Nassau and great snorkeling grounds that you’ll enjoy.

Green Cay

If you’re a lover of turtles, Green Cay is the perfect place for you to meet these lovely reptiles in addition to snorkeling with them, you can also swim to the island and soak in it’s scenery. Green Cay is known as the turtle’s sanctuary here in Nassau.


This beautiful island is located just 48 miles east of Nassau. Here you can snorkel the ship wreck and then head over to Meeks Patch to swim with the pigs.

Goulding Cay

Located on the western tip of New Providence, Goulding Cay provides great grounds for snorkeling and diving with its colorful reefs and curious fish.

Ocean Atlas

On the western point of New Providence is Ocean Atlas. Towering nearly 17 feet tall, the statue of the kneeling young Bahamian girl shows her supporting the ceiling of the water on her shoulders. Snorkel the largest underwater sculpture in the world that was created by internationally-renowned artist, Jason deCaires Taylor.